Welcome to PACER: Post-Adoption Center for Education and Research.

For over 35 years, PACER has offered peer support, education, and mental health referrals to Northern California’s adoption constellation community. PACER is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and grassroots volunteer organization run by individuals with a lived adoption experience. With an estimated 6 million adoptees and roughly one third of the US population living with an adoption experience, PACER advocates that adopted individuals’ and  parents’ voices are central to dispelling the myths and misperceptions about adoption and relinquishment. We also understand that healing and recovery from adoption, complicated grief, and relinquishment are lifelong experiences. Overall, PACER advocates for openness, honesty, and transparency in adoption policies, practices, and attitudes.


Adult Adoptees of Color Support Group


1st Tuesday of each month from 7pm-9pm

“Being a transracial adoptee growing up was a bitter sweet experience. I always felt unique and special, but at times I yearned to connect with others that shared my experience. As an adult, having other adult adoptees in my life has given me the validation and support that I was lacking. It is without a doubt essential to my identity development and overall happiness.”  – Mariah Dixon-­‐Wheeler, Adoptee of Color.

The group will be led by Katie Wynen*, MSW and will begin on October 7th, 2014. The group will meet at the Pact office located at 5515 Doyle Street, Suite 1, Emeryville, CA 94608.


More information about the group here

Invitation to all PACER volunteers and facilitators:

All volunteers are welcome to join PACER for our Facilitators Fall Training on Saturday, October 18th from 11am-5pm at the beautiful Rush Ranch park in Solano County. The training will focus on PACER’s peer-support services and will provide ample opportunity for those who attend to participate in a collaborative learning process. Participants will learn more about Therapeutic Interventions in groups, and a Recovery and Wellness model for adoption constellation members (as adapted from the International Association of Peer Supporters – iNAPS). f3317688

If you are interested in learning more about PACER services or if you are already a PACER volunteer and facilitator, please join us for this free training! Lunch will be provided.


Please contact April at 510-295-3366 or email events@pacer-adoption.org for more information.

Adoption competent professional's meeting

Would you like to learn more or become a member of PACER’s peer-led and mental health professional referral services?


If you answered yes, please join us for our adoption competent professional’s meeting on Friday, October 3rd from 10am-12pm in Oakland (Exact location to be announced).

Discussion will revolve around PACER’s new “professionally-led” groups and how the ethics of peer-led and mental health support can intersect to provide comprehensive and complementary care to adoption constellation members.

Please contact April at 510-295-3366 or email professionals@pacer-adoption.org for more information.

PACER partners with CalOpen for open access to closed adoption records

PACER values and believes that NO California adopted individual should be left behind when it comes to accessing their birth records. ALL adopted individuals deserve their original birth records — court records, birth certificates, agency records. Open records is a human and civil rights issue, equal to other social discrimination, inequality, and racist unfairness practices. Reforming access to closed adoption records is also a mental health and well-being issue that affects each and every adoption constellation member — mothers, siblings, children, and parents — to the highest degree.


PACER is proud to officially help launch the fifth wave to reform access to California’s closed records with CalOpen. Learn how you can help support PACER in our legislative efforts by contacting our Legislative Director Theresa Reynolds at CAopenrecords@pacer-adoption.org.


Read more about CA Open Records on our website here

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Welcome to PACER: Post-Adoption Center for Education and Research.

PACER’s mission is to raise awareness about the lifelong experiences and mental health challenges of adoption and relinquishment to lay people, professionals, and adoption constellation members. Our goal is to enable a safe and supportive community of recovery from the complicated grief, trauma, and loss from adoption and relinquishment and to provide mental health referrals, peer support, and resources for adopted individuals and parents. In addition, PACER offers membership, educational resources, mental health referrals, community events, and legislative efforts to reform access to California’s closed adoption records.


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